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Lie Detection Testing

Professional Lie Detection & Polygraph Services
Member of the British Polygraph Association

Welcome to HSS Polygraph Services, Independent, Qualified Polygraph Examiner and Member of the BPA.

All testing is conducted using the very latest computerized equipment for highly accurate and reliable results. 
All types of cases undertaken:

Trust in any relationship is an important issue and needs to be handled in a sensitive and caring manner. We can assist you in every situation that is causing you distress within your relationship. All matters are treated with sensitivity and are completely confidential.

Sexual Abuse
If you have been accused of a sexual offense or are the victim of a sexual offense, We are able to offer an unbiased, reliable appraisal of each situation. Each exam would be handled with extreme consideration by a sympathetic examiner. Always ensure your polygraph examiner has undertaken special training for Post Conviction Sex Offender Training (PCSOT).

False Accusation
Many people make false insurance claims for losses that did not take place or they increase the value of the replacement item. We can confirm whether the claimant is truthful or deceptive in their claim by giving them a polygraph examination. This would be far more cost-effective to an insurance company than any other method currently used. 

Fraud within a company is very costly; the losses eat into company profits. We can test an individual's honesty in any situation where trust is an issue. The theft of goods or money, forged documents, misuse of computer information, the transfer of information to competitors, and misuse of company equipment, are all within the scope of the polygraph through one of our highly qualified examiners.


If you suspect one or more persons of theft, whether in the home or at work We can help uncover the truth. If you have been accused of theft we can provide an objective solution by testing your honesty on this issue. All results are accompanied by a written report from a qualified examiner and can further be validated by an independent qualified examiner.

Integrity Screening

A substantial proportion of people applying for employment in all areas of the workplace falsify their application forms and cvs. Some of these applicants have hidden criminal records, serious drug addiction and have omitted jobs that they have been dismissed from. Why take a chance on having your company infiltrated with an undesirable person, who can cause you a loss of business and profits through theft, damage, and disruption, or even make a claim against you through the Employment Tribunal when you eventually have to dismiss them. A Pre-employment examination will discover if the applicant has been deceptive about their past history. 


Counter Intelligence

Accused of something you didn't do?
Thousands of people have been wrongly accused of doing something they didn't do. Throughout the world, many innocent people have been eliminated from investigations after undergoing a polygraph test. We can assist you to clear yourself, by giving you a polygraph test. This will establish whether you have been deceptive or truthful on a specific issue. 

You will receive a confidential and un-biased test, which is accompanied by a full written report on request.

Tests can be arranged quickly and carried out at your home, office, or a location of your choosing. I am available to undertake tests anywhere in the world.

The training as a professional polygraph examiner was carried out at a British Polygraph Association, and European Polygraph Association accredited training school; British Polygraph Academy.

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