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About Us


Halo Security Specialist CIC is a leading provider of post-16 education in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and delivers a wide range of courses each year. With full-time and part-time both day and night courses available to young people and adults.

Ever since the Grenfell tragedy our company has been actively involved in working closely with the community in Kensington and Chelsea.

Halo Security Specialist is led by CEO and founder Halsho Draey and consists of board members that have a variety of different specialist roles.

We also benefit from strong working relationships with our partners; West Way Trust, The Curve, Sobus, Jobcentre, various charities, the Council, and local authorities including the police and the Pub Watch, who will be key to helping both the community in terms of security and training to planning courses that meet the current and future needs of learners, and with potential opportunities opening and finding them jobs is a priority.

We are committed to working fairly with students, staff, partners, members of the community, and visitors. Read our Equality and Diversity policy.

Our vision is to be excellent in every way and our core values are:

Ambition  Responsibility  Respect





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