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CCTV Camera

Britain is considered the CCTV capital of the world, with more than 1.85 million cameras in use every day, and an increase in criminal damage, theft, and assault in recent years has seen the unprecedented rise in the installation of CCTV security systems in the UK and they are now part of our daily lives.

Whilst acting as a deterrent, CCTV security systems are also an excellent monitoring tool and powerful ally in helping bring criminals to justice. They also offer staff and customers peace of mind, especially in places such as car parks, dimly lit areas, and other places where people feel vulnerable. We are experienced in providing CCTV security services to most market sectors and in particular town centers, government buildings, dockyards, and leisure complex sites.

HSS management can work with you to design your CCTV and alarm system to meet your exact requirements, including the creation of a comprehensive procedure manual and site-specific training to ensure security teams are equipped to manage, work with and respond to the system.

The experienced and qualified resource is required to operate equipment, understand its functionality and analyze data output to maintain secure status. Preventative measures are continuous in the analysis of system data which can both provide insight into operator performance and can reveal underlining alarm management issues. A swift response to any incidents arising is only possible through effective systems, clear processes, and suitably trained personnel. Equally important is ensuring these systems have adequate coverage and are displayed, configured, monitored, and maintained in an effective way that contributes to preserving security levels and reducing risk and threat exposure

As part of our security provision, HSS can actively manage your control room requirements, from system design to product sourcing, training, coaching, and analysis, ensuring your control room systems are operating to the best levels possible. This is delivered through security system operational requirements to industry standards and in-depth control room reviews.

Our operatives are:

  • Screened beyond BS7858 as we conduct an enhanced DBS as mandatory.

  • Ability to function as a team member, and work within established procedures.

  • Trained to integrate with the internal staff and work alongside store management.

  • Proficient in both written and oral communication

  • Multi-lingual in languages in accordance to our consultation.

  • Experienced in Access control, alarm response, mobile patrols, and gatehouse monitoring are all important security duties.

  • Skilled in body, Bag, vehicle and room searches

  • Skilled in Telephony duties

  • Disciplined in populating Numerous Logs for any requirement

  • Skilled in General Maintenance and caretaker duties

Our operatives are qualified in:

  • Level 2 security supervision / Level 3 Protection services (pending risk assessment)

  • Level 3 First Aid

  • Level 2 CCTV operations

  • Level 2 Fire and Safety

  • Level 2 Health and Safety

  • Level 2 Drug Awareness

  • Level 2 Award in Counterterrorism and surveillance

  • Level 2 NVQ Providing Security Services

  • Level 3 Physical Intervention and handcuffing.

By conducting a comprehensive site survey we assess particular risks to your premises and business activities and, through a combination of proven techniques and contemporary technology, we will design a unique solution to meet your individual requirements.

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