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Close Protection Operations

It’s time to change – We can assure you satisfaction


We have been responsible for countering covertly organized threats to people, property, and assets on a national and international scale. We also provide security advice to a range of other organizations, helping them reduce their vulnerability to threats.

HSS close protection operations are managed largely by former Service Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers and we are extremely committed to ex HM forces and enforcement agencies.

We are of the opinion that the highest quality of service delivery can only be achieved through a partnership client relationship, where trust in the provision of service is implicit and delivery is a seamless part of the client’s own lifestyle. Our passionate commitment to high-quality client/principal care is a key company value that encompasses our overall approach to ensure satisfaction.

HSS will never take shortcuts with the quality of our service provision or the management support of our contracts in order to cut costs.

HSS provides a complete security management service, reporting directly as assigned with regular updates, reports, and service evaluations. The service may include the planning, introduction, and implementation of a completely new security solution designed specifically for the client/principle. Alternatively, it may include restructuring and up-dating an existing operation that is failing to meet the needs of the client/principle.

Then followed by applicable research and security risk assessments; the unique and wholly appropriate operational requirement can be designed and calculated taking into account the client's profile, culture, and image to counter any threats, ideally without overly impinging into the Client’s private and family life.


In these turbulent times, the need for protection is unquestionable. To be safe is a heightened concern for all of us. Moreover, Criminal and dangerous activities take place all around us. It is no longer true that problems can arise just in the ‘bad parts of town’ or remote locations.

Qualified security is indispensable when it comes to personal protection. Every assignment has its own special needs and each one receives undivided attention.


The fact that we have been instructing Level 3 Close Protection Operations for over a decade gives an advantage as to a database of over 3000 international operative – both male and female to complement and be ambassadors for our clients.

Our operatives are qualified in

  • Level 3 Close Protection

  • Level 2 CCTV operations

  • Level 3 First Aid as a minimum

  • Level 2 Fire and Safety

  • Level 2 Drug Awareness

  • Level 2 Award in Counterterrorism surveillance

  • Level 3 Physical Intervention and handcuffing

Our team leaders are trained in: 

  • Level 2 Risk Assessments

  • Level 2 NVQ Providing Security Services

  • Level 3 Surveillance

Our operative can conduct the role of:

  • Personal protection officer

  • Personal escort section

  • Residential security officer

  • Security advance party

  • Counter surveillance team

  • Counter attack team

Our operatives are:

  • Intelligent with a minimum of 10 years of security experience

  • Proficient in both written and oral communication

  • Multi-lingual in languages in accordance with your needs

  • Smart and presentable appearance

  • Ability to function as a team member, and work within established procedures

  • Managed in accordance with British Standard BS8507

  • Screened beyond BS7858 as we conduct an enhanced DBS as mandatory.

  • Fully uniformed or in accordance to our consultation enabling them to stand out or merge into the environment. Trained to integrate with the internal staff and work alongside outside agencies

  • Experienced in Keyholding, Access control, alarm response, perimeter patrols, gatehouse monitoring, reconnaissance, route plan, venue plan, searching, counter and anti-surveillance, and much more which are all important security duties

  • fit and healthy

  • equipped with all necessary daily resources to lessen the pressures of our clients/principles

  • Skilled in personal protection and defense systems and have the skills to instruct

  • Skilled in General Maintenance and caretaker duties

  • vigilant of procedures of In/out booking and identification of visitors

  • Skilled in body, Bag, vehicle, and room searches

  • Disciplined in Package signing

  • Skilled in Telephony duties

  • Experienced in Mail Room Duties

  • Disciplined in populating Numerous Logs for any requirement

  • skilled and up to date with information technology

HSS Team Leaders are highly-skilled in operational planning and working closely with the client, local authorities, enforcement agencies, outside agencies, and other stakeholders to assess threat levels and how to mitigate risks. A team of experienced personnel will be deployed in plain clothes, uniform, or whatever measured as being most suitable, dependent on requirements. HSS operatives are well trained and ready to respond to crises in any setting high medium or low risk.

Over many years, HSS has provided close protection and security driver teams for various individuals, families for both business and pleasure internationally. The expectations of our clients are very high and always met. We deal at a senior level within government and non-governmental organizations advising on logistics, threat assessments, and security arrangements. Our teams can range from a ‘one to one’ to a full protection team with an advance party depending on the threat levels and locations being visited.

HSS is dedicated to professionalism and ultimately the well-being of the principles.

Whether we offer just executive protection or other specialist security services like support, our attention to detail ensures that the client/principle is safe and secure.

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