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Our exceptional team all have significant experience in security and business as well as in delivering training and qualifications. Our team’s aim is the continuous delivery of high-quality products and services.



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Halsho Draey - CEO of Halo Security Specialist C.I.C.

Founder and managing director of Halo security specialist C.I.C


Our C.I.C for Community Interest Company also stands for


For Charity – for Consumer- for Citizen- for Company – for Collector – for Caring


The company’s main function is Education, Security activities and Sport and recreation services. Growing up in Kensington and Chelsea England, Halsho has worked for various Security Companies in both the private and public sectors.  Halsho has held a number of different positions, ranging from the trainer, assessor, internal verifier and centre director for numerous awarding bodies. Halsho now works as a Managing director for Halo security Specialist​







Halsho has spent over 20 years dedicated to researching and training martial arts with some of the best instructors in the world representing for the UK Nationals for Mixed Martial Arts achieving Gold medals.

With over 20 years of experience Dedicated to providing our professional services to both the public and private sectors.

Halsho is the lead security trainer for Halo Security Specialist CIC delivering training internationally and throughout the U.K.

Halsho brings his personal experience and knowledge to the training courses to develop security professionals of the highest calibre.

We specialize in education and security services providing courses leading to many different qualifications. We create employment and focus on recruiting in our beloved community of Kensington and Chelsea generating jobs and reducing unemployment.

Halsho also has vast experience in a joint agency working closely with the Local Authority for Public Protection and Crime Reduction and Criminal investigation.


Relevant qualifications

  1. Counter-terrorism awareness

  2. L5 work base learning in Event Stewarding

  3. L2 Door Supervision

  4. C&G L3 Conflict Management

  5. Physical Intervention

  6. CIEH L3 Health & Safety

  7. First Aid @work trainer

  8. De-fibrillation trainer

  9. Martial Arts qualifications on request



James Zikic – Close Protection Director / MMA Trainer

Brief career history
James Zikic is a former Mixed Martial Arts World Champion. With 25 years of experience in the Security Industry, he has held a number of different positions, specializing in personnel sports training ranging from Personal Trainer, Manager to Director and Commander of the close protection team.  
James has worked for various Security Companies in both the Private and Public sectors, progressing through to Operational Contingency as a Close Protection Officer and Emergency Planning. Providing personal protection to high profile Principles such as Anthony Joshua, and David Icke





Relevant qualifications

Qualified Trainer

  1. Emergency Planning

  2. Critical Incident Reporting

  3. Level 2 door supervision

  4. Level 2 CCTV

  5. Level 2 Physical intervention

  6. Level 3 Conflict management

  7. Level 2 Drug awareness

  8. First aid






Araz Draey - Lead Residential / Fire Marshal Director


Brief career history  
Growing up in Kensington and Chelsea London with an Honours Degree in performing arts, Araz has worked for various prestige establishments such as the Berkeley hotel and Waldorf Hilton leading the best hospitality customer service. He has held a number of different positions, ranging from the trainer, assessor, internal verifier, and Centre director for numerous awarding bodies, bringing his experience and knowledge to both the Private and Public sectors. Araz now works as a residential director managing residential projects and operations, specializing in hostile environment training, kidnap, and hostage awareness training. His career spans over 20 years, with extensive experience in the Implementation of the Security Industry Act and its impact on the licensing of Door Supervisors developing security professionals of the highest British standards.










Relevant qualifications

  1. SIA trained 

  2. Assault course trained 

  3. Terrorist awareness 

  4. Fire safety awareness 

  5. Fire extinguisher

  6. L2 Door Supervision 

  7. C&G L3 Conflict Management 

  8. Physical Intervention  

  9. Manual handling at work 

  10. CIEH L3 Health & Safety 

  11. First Aider 



Heza Hussain - Certified Polygraph Examiner

Heza is a certified polygraph examiner with 10 years of experience in some of the most advanced and technical fields in the security industry; Counter-Terrorism, and Counter-Intelligence. With 500 + interviews under his belt, he truly is the crown of our team with respect to his high analytical interpersonal communication skills and capacity. Over the last decade, he has taken part in most of all the highest terrorist threat level cases, some of which went noticed on global news agencies.

Heza provides his invaluable experience to Halo Security Specialist and offers training, consultancy, amongst polygraph examination services.




Relevant qualifications

  1. Certification of completion in Polygraph Science and Methodology

  2. Registered with the British Polygraph Academy (BPA) & British European Polygraph Association (BEPA)



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